Splash Park at Memorial Park in Claremont Ca.

Summer time is almost over but not here at this little water park in Claremont Ca.
This Splash Park is at Memorial Park. It is open Monday - Friday 11:30 to 1:30
The girl that works this is very helpful and friendly.
Water Park - Memorial Park - Claremont Ca - http://www.splashpadhunters.blogspot.com
She said there was 2 other ones in the city.
1. El Barrio Park
2. Stuart Wheeler Park
( These are only open M/W/Fri )

For "Older Kids" she said there was swimming at the Jr. High for $2

This is our new hangout on Tuesdays & Thursdays since Emilio has pre-school at Alexander Hughes Community Center.

If you see Emilio and I (Gabriel) say "hello"
ask me for my card.

I might give you a discount on my Dj Service.

Its Splash Park season again

Spring is here and Summer is on its way!
Los Angeles Park  Splash Pad in La Puente California

Emilio and Gabriel were in the Sunshine Park area of La Puente,California.
We decided to stop by the water park to see if the water was on.
The first time this year the Splash Park Hunters are not prepared but Emilio blended in with his red underwear pretty good.

The water was pouring down the colorful buckets and 5 children were already there at 2pm this second week of April.

We only stayed for it few minutes but Emilio was playing in the water within 5 minutes.

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One coming soon at Heritage Park in Irvine California says Katie the Business Development Manager for Pacific Aquascape,Inc in Phoenix Arizona

Still Splashing in October

Happy Halloween from the Splash Park Hunters.
So far we got a few splash pads in.
Not as many as we anticipated due to the membership of Raging Waters.
Raging Waters Membership - dont do it!
Its only good from the first day until Memorial Weekend,when kids get out of school and there is a 2 hr wait for each ride.

2009 we are strickly SplashPad

Hopefully we can get some more splashpads in 2008 still.
Southern California's weather is so crazy.
It might be hot in December.
Keep the New Splash parks coming in.
We want to know where they pop up.
Emilio is going to be Dumbo for Halloween.
Thanx for reading.

Heres the "End of Summer" family pic.
splashpad hunter chagolla family familia ca
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Lady Gaga lyrics heard at Raging Waters -

Lady Gaga lyrics heard at Raging Waters
Michelle,Emilio and I are season pass holders
Emilio and I went when Lady Gaga & Swayze was there with Kiss FM 102.7 radio station in Los Angeles.(Sisanie was the host and Dj Chunk was the Dj)

Of course I was the first to win the giveways with music questions.
I had my hand up for each question. Too bad Kiss gives only one winner a prize. I would of won all of em.

This is the hat that I have on my Facebook profile here

Lady Gaga was walking to the stage before here performance a couple of times.
1 time she stood right next to me.
I thought she was crazy because she was wearing all black in 100 degree weather.

By the time she came on it was nap time for Emilio. We watched from the Upper Deck Area.
Other wise we would be on this Youtube video.

  • Weekends is a Dont Go!
  • 2 hr wait each ride.
  • The river is lemonade yellow.
  • Overcrowded.

However, it is fun when the radio stations are there.

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No Shade at Valleydale Park

This splash pad sucked. This splash pad didnt have any shade near by.

Either this place is used alot or they are not keeping this park maintained.
Some of the water stuff was broken,

However, there was trash all over the place.
I dont think it was the city's fault.
The people at this park are pigs.

The playground had a cool little piano thing that Emilio liked.
It even had a orange concrete playground that I use to play in at Guasti Park in Ontario,Ca.

I would never come back to this place again.

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